Let’s Talk – Who Is The Best Producer In Music Industry At This Moment

Over the years, the Nigerian artists have always been at the receiving end of all the plaudits and accolades for creating and rendering hit songs, nevertheless, record producers also deserve to share that recognition.

In recent times, Nigerian artistes have been having amazing collaborations and a slew of projects that inspired fresh debates among listeners, critics, and observers across the world.

Behind these amazing hits are the excellent producers that shaped the sound and form the elementals of the end product music that we enjoy and vibe too.

In the early 2000s, the country failed to recognize the roles of those working behind the scene, the appearance of producers like Don JazzyK-SoloSamklefID Cabassa as singers started giving them their desired accolades and that was the basis of the recognition we have now.

The country now boasts of amazing producers which have not only worked with national stars but also international celebrities with many of their projects known across the world.

These talented and era-defining producers have walked these streets, blessing us with their melodious beats and brilliant musical ingenuity.

Producers like, Kel PMasterkraftPheelzP priime ,Rexxie, and others have not only given us great songs, they have also carried the music industries on their shoulders and brought Nigerian music into the limelight.

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Who Is The Baddest Producer In Nigeria Right Now?



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